At Haunted Reviewer, we will strive to provide the best information possible for halloween attractions across the USA. Our reviews will be profanity free and non-derogatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haunted Reviewer?

The website name has generated some misconceptions. Haunted Reviewer is a Halloween Haunted House (Attractions) Review site. The reason we say attractions is because there are haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted boats, etc.

I see only Haunted Reviewer reviews for attractions in Ohio. Will site reviews be done for other attractions in other states?

Right now attractions are reviewed in Ohio. We will start reviewing attractions in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania soon. The key to getting reviews in other states is to leave detailed comments for the attractions. Individuals will be offered the chance to become official Haunted Reviewer "review team" members based on the comments they leave.

Why can't I leave a comment for an attraction?

In order to leave comments for attractions, you must be logged in. It is free to sign up on the site and your email address will not be "sold" to media research sites, adware companies, etc. You may receive an email from Haunted Reviewer from time to time, but no solicitations will come from Haunted Reviewer.

I do not have a login id and see that there are blogs on this site. How can I start a blog or comment on other blog posts?

To create your own blog or comment on blogs, you need to be signed in. Signing up is free and lets you leave comments on attractions as well.

I do not see an attraction I visit. How can this attraction be added to the site?

Haunted Reviewer is based in Ohio. This is why you will see most reviews from this area of the country. We will add attractions from other states as we come across them on other sites. If you have visited an attraction and would like to see it on this site, select the "Suggest An Attraction" link at the bottom of the page and tell us about the attraction. We will review your submission and post the attraction to the site in a few days.

The format of the site appears to be incorrect. The ads on the right hand side do not appear. Is there something wrong?

There seems to be some browsers that are not compatible. The operating systems and browsers at the bottom of the page are verified as working correctly for the website.

Adds and Countdown clock do not appear on my computer. Am I missing something?

The computer viewing this site needs to have Adobe Flash and Adobe ShockWave players installed. If these are not installed, you will not be able to see the countdown clock, Costume of the Day or Halloween Decorations.