At Haunted Reviewer, we will strive to provide the best information possible for halloween attractions across the USA. Our reviews will be profanity free and non-derogatory.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice October. Please visit this site throughout the year. We will still post attractions and comments.

3 Days and counting


Three days and counting until Halloween. Hope everyone has visited the attractions they wanted to.

the 2010 haunt season has begun. halloween haunt attractions have started

the haunt season has started here in south western ohio and begining on the weekend of september 25th I will be checking out my first haunted attraction

Visit Haunted River

I was recently at Morgan's Canoe Rental in Fort Ancient. They are having an attraction called Haunted River this year. It sounds extremely interesting.

Few reviews this year

I am sorry to announce that few if any reviews will occur in 2010. The economic downturn that started in 2008 has finally caught up with Haunted Reviewer.

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