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Privacy Statement now on Website

Hello All,

We are slowly finishing up non content pieces of the site. Now you can read our privacy statement by clicking the "Privacy Statement" link on th left hand side of the screen. Also we now have a countdown clock back on the site.

Stay Scared :-)


Conceptual change for comments

We have made a conceptual change to comments on the website. While we will still keep our review of an attraction separate, comments are now referred to as reviews.

Post consistently good reviews and you will be given an opportunity to become an "official" Haunted Reviewer.

Stay scared and see you in October!

Chris (Admin).

Website Feedback and Suggest An Attraction

Now you can leave feedback on the website. I decided to add this after two individuals used an attraction to leave feedback on the website.

Don't forget to Suggest An Attraction. I am sure you have a favorite place to go and if you don't see it here, please suggest it.

Exciting new additions to the site!


For 2011, some exciting new changes have been made to the site. You can now use your email address to log into the site. A way to send information on blog entries and attractions can now be done to over 300 different social networking sites.

Send out a tweet, post on a Facebook wall or send to Myspace. Several different social networking sites are available. Just click on the share button.

Some sites have been visited several times. For those sites, the other times they have been visited is now shown on the attraction page.

As always, please suggest attractions.

Chris "Admin"

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice October. Please visit this site throughout the year. We will still post attractions and comments.

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