At Haunted Reviewer, we will strive to provide the best information possible for halloween attractions across the USA. Our reviews will be profanity free and non-derogatory.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Most attractions are open this weekend. Go out and get a final scare for 2013.

We went to Land of Illusion, The Creep and Scream Acres Ct. You can find the reviews here.

Users Deleted and Registration Changes


We have deleted several users who violated blogging and Suggest An Attraction features of the site. If we deleted you by mistake, please register again.

Administration approval is now required for all registrations. Once we have verified that only true lovers of Halloween and attractions are registering, we will reinstate blogging and Add An Attraction features.

Please bear with us as we try and give you all the features we initially intended.


New Feature on Website -- Featured Attraction


The newest addition to the website is a Featured Attraction area. This will hold randomly chosen attractions which Haunted Reviewer has rated as eight flames or higher.

The Countdown clock is now counting down to Halloween 2012.

As before, this will be posted on Haunted Reviewer Facebook and Twitter.

Stay Scared :-)

Haunted Reviewer now on Facebook


Haunted Reviewer is now on Facebook (

Notification of blog posts, new attractions and reviews of attractions will continue to be posted on Twitter and now on Facebook as well. Stop by and "like" the Facebook page :-).

The Facebook page will also be where pictures and videos from ghost hunts will be kept.

Stay Scared :-)

Happy Halloween everyone

Hello all,

Happy Halloween. I hope you had a scary one :-) Our website is up throughout the year so please come back and visit often. We visited two attractions in Indiana this year. Both will have reviews posted in a few days.

Please suggest attractions if you don't see them on here. Also, be sure to leave reviews for attractions.

Stay Scared :-)

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