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U.S.S. Nightmare

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On a foggy night as most of the crew slept, the night watchman was making his rounds. Strange sounds were floating through the mist, strange even for the Mitchell. Growing ever more concerned as the sounds grew more intense, he thought about alerting the Captain, who was below in what he called Pier 51 - a part of the ship where most crew members were not allowed. But he also knew that he must not disturb the Captain for fear of being thrown in the brig, or worse, into the boiler pit from which he might never return. His hesitation probably cost him his life. Just then, a thunderous noise came from the bow of the boat. As the night watchman raced forward, he saw lines that had been snapped and the boat was drifting into the river current. He panicked and sounded the general alarm! The Captain, with a crazed look in his eyes and something dripping from his fingers, was the first to appear. “You fool,” he screamed as he saw the vessel had broken loose, and he ordered all engines started and all hands on deck. As the crew appeared and ran to the bow, even in their sleepy daze they realized the danger they were in. The boat was caught in the main current, careening blindly into the darkness. A bridge loomed up through the fog directly in their path. Then came the first of what would be many agonizing crashes followed by the excruciating sounds of crunching steel and human bones. The Captain, the pilot, and the forward deckhands were the first to die. Screams penetrated the thick fog reverberating throughout the vessel. The remaining crew had no control of the boat as it went spinning downstream at the mercy of the murderous current and the obstacles that lay ahead.
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101 Riverboat Row
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The location of the barge is easy to find. The directions provided are clear and concise. The ship has great potential and a good backstory, but fails to live up to the hype. There is no attempt to maintain an acceptable distance between groups. This becomes problematic as self directed groups in such small confines break down quickly. Even getting there early, unless being first in line, will still give you the “pushed through like cattle” feeling. The barge fails to live up to a potentially excellent premise by having clowns and chainsaws. Walking through the parts of the barge which still showed machinery was very cool. Cutting out Egyptian, Clowns and Chainsaws would go a long way to making this a premier attraction. Having “ghostly” crew members “momentarily” detain you to keep group spacing would also be something easily instituted and go along way to getting a ten out of ten. As the attraction stands today, we at Haunted Reviewer give the USS Nightmare six stars out of ten.

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#1 A great haunt year after


A great haunt year after year!

#2 USS NIghtmare


One of the most unique and interesting haunted attractions I have ever been to. The steamship makes you feel like you went back in time when walking through the old machinery.

#3 While I do agree with some of


While I do agree with some of the comments posted here, it is still one of the better haunts in this area

#4 Haunt World Magazine rates USS Nightmare in America's TOP 13


Th USS NIghtmare is America's premier haunted Steamboat, Built on a real steamboat and housing some of the River's most notorious spirits. Locally rated as one of the area's longest and best haunted Attractions, Haunt World Magizine rated the USS NIghtmare amoung the Nations TOP 13 Haunts. Distance between groups is managed by a electronic timing system that provides space between groups to ensure the everyone enjoys the show. A normal walking pace will maintain space between groups, and if you are a runner and catch up with the group in front, simply slow down to return the space between you and them. Some might think our clowns and Eygyptian rooms as well as the Chain saw are out of place on a steamboat, but this is no ordinary steamboat, Captain Mitchell collected a variety of mysterious and horifing items, some from eygpt, and to entertain his beloved daughter Ana even brought circus clowns aboard for her. As for the chain saw, well it had several purposes, used by the dredge crew to remove drift and debris clogging the large dredge, Cutting trees to clear and widen river channels and not to mention the boat's chef that would occossionally use it to dismember dinner. Built on a Real steamboat and with a 30 to 40 minute tour through the 75 year history history of the boat and her mysterious crew. Happy Haunting, This is one haunted attraction you will not want to miss.

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