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Toxicity Haunted Attraction

During the 1950s, the scientists of Toxicity Laboratory, without yet knowing the ultimate effects, used radiation in a series of experiments with aspirations of producing more plentiful crop yields, curing disease, and creating larger breeds of livestock. What they found, however, was more horrific than they could have ever imagined. It all came to an end in 1959 when an accident involving the lab’s reactor trapped everyone, and everything, inside. Now, after having lain in a state of decay for 50 years, the lab has been recently rediscovered….and some of the test subjects still remain.
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8501 Camden College Corner Rd
College Corner
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This has been one of the wettest Octobers in some time and the visit to this attraction was no exception. I would definitely suggest using Yahoo maps of Mapquest to find this attraction. The attraction has an excellent premise and they immerse you into the environment from the very beginning. I heard a comment that an attraction is not an attraction without chainsaws. That all depends on what the attraction is. Based on areas where chainsaws were used, a more keeping with the premise tool would be modified cattle prods that could produce a harmless spark. All the actors stayed in character and we liked the apparent “trapped” feeling that happens throughout. We would also like to see more examples of enhanced livestock (this would lend more credence to cattle prods as well). The paths were very slick from the rain, but we imagine chase scenes would be much better when it is dry. For the reasons listed above, we at Haunted Reviewer give this attraction seven out of ten stars. Give this attraction a try, we think you will like it.

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