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2013 - The Creep - Madhouse


In 1973, Adner Heights Asylum was shut down after a government investigation uncovered the grotesque and inhumane practices being conducted on the patients. Shortly after the investigation, Adner Heights was condemned, and its doctors thrown in prison. Many of the patients, left with nowhere to go, continued to reside in the abandoned asylum for many years. Now it’s your turn to experience their presence as you journey the halls of Adner Heights…

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205 Elm Street
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This attraction is meant to portray a haunted insane asylum. The props and rooms in this attraction are awesome. The actors portray their characters with enthusiasm. This is the best attraction at the Creep. Towards the end of the attraction, you are required to crawl into a morgue cadaver refrigeration unit. For those who can’t crawl or don’t want to, there is an exit door to the right that leads you out of the attraction. The cadaver crawl is almost the end so you don’t miss anything by taking the exit. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction an 8 out of 10 for excellent props, actors and scenery.

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