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The Haunted Junkyard

Through the darkness you can smell the fear and terror as the boils and ghouls (boys and girls) brave the journey through the junkyard!! creatures crawl in search of blood .... as they blend into the night you feel their hot stinky breath on the back of your neck you spin around only to find nothing there..... you must move on into the darkness we wish you luck our friends as we are HUNGRY and must feed!!!!! NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART!!!!! we will be waiting for you..........
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590 Quick Road
New Carlisle
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This is an actual working junkyard. The owner adds all the haunted attraction pieces for a good time in October. We would liked to have seen more interaction between monsters and people. Perhaps monsters on top of vehicles and vehicles stacked a little taller. The location adds a lot to the creepy feel and the buses you go through are interesting to say the least. The location is easy to find, has no parking fees and an attentive staff. We here at haunted reviewer rank this attraction as a 7 out of 10. We definitely suggest going to this attraction. Be sure to check out the hearse.

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