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Sloss Fright Furnance

Sloss Fright Furnace has pulled out all the stops and created a terrifying experience that takes you into the deepest, darkest parts of the furnace. Highlights of the trail include: 20 Foot High Zombies swoop down at you from above--created by Hollywood special effects master Thomas Darryl Cochral. Guaranteed to leave your quaking in fear. Don't like tight spaces? Too bad. Scream in terror as you try to navigate through this room that is constantly shrinking--beware you might be seperated from your group, so hold on tight... You might want to tip-toe quietly this bunch of backwater killers who would like nothing better then to make you squeal like a stuck pig. This year Slag has decided that some of his minions should join in on the fun--prepare to encounter roaches, maggots, flies, and a whole mess of nasty little flesh-eaters. If you think whats in Sloss Furnace is scary, wait until you go below. Try to make your way around and through a maze of pipes--but beware there is something down there with you. Included in the trail, the swamp is a journey into terror as you are forced to cross a moat of horror. Beware of what lurks deep in the water. Included in the trail, there is terror around every corner...and from above... and below....A confusing, mind-blowing, sensory overload experience that will have you guessing what's real and what isn't...until its too late. Will you make it through the trail to the Black Hole? Journey into the void of absolute despair as you wrestle with a room spinning out of control. Grown men have had to be carried out of this room shaking and quivering...are you next?
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20 32nd Street North
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