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Scare-A-Torium Columbus

Are you ready for our house of horror? Our Carnival of the Macbre? Our Maze of Morbidty? Get ready boys and girls for the ULTIMATE in fear... The Scare-A-Torium! It’s a 55,000 sq ft fortress of frights and fears! Inside these haunted corridors you will see all the delightful parts of our collection… if you make it through to the end, that is! So, bring your friends, come on in, and take the tour… if you dare.
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1501 E. Dublin-Granville Road
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This attraction is very easy to find. It is in a former Big Bear Store. This is a unique attraction as it is also coupled with retail space for Halloween. The actors stay in character and the makeup is professionally done and is the best we have ever seen. The attraction is much better than any other attractions that have taken over retail space we have seen lately. The set s and props are professionally done. Be careful when in the Graveyard. A tomb opens up and a creature comes out and toward you. I was standing too close and it hit me in the head and knocked my hat off. One of the zombies was walking by and never broke character. He bent down and put the hat on his head and kept walking. I just took it off his head as he went by and put it back on. The staff is very professional and helpful. We recommend this attraction. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction 8 start out of 10.

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