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The House of Nightmares

This attraction in the Brewery District in Columbus is a collection of your worst nightmares. Everything from Clowns to Insane Asylums inhabitants awaits you. The attraction runs almost 30 minutes.
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477 S. Front Street
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This attraction was easy to find. The map on the site is straightforward and the attraction is close to major roads. This attraction has several scenes that are typical nightmare scenarios. There are clowns, insane asylum patients and more. The attraction is well run and the characters are performed well. This attraction keeps its premise as a house of nightmares and executes it very well. For those of you who enjoy an adult beverage, the closeness to the Brewery District makes it a great place to unwind from the trip through “The House of Nightmares”. For sticking to its premise and ease of access, haunted reviewer gives this attraction nine stars out of ten.

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