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2009 HalloWeekends at Cedar Point - Happy Jack Toy Factory

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Something's gone terribly wrong inside Happy Jack's Toy Factory. The fun you had as a child comes back to haunt you as the toys turn EVIL. Are they just toys or is this a real-life nightmare? You decide!
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1 Cedar Point Drive
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This attraction replaced the Pharaoh one. The front of this attraction is truly unique and fun to watch. The inside has several rooms of the toy factory and each has its own unique “gotcha” moment. The actors stay in character and seem to enjoy their assignment. The props are very interesting (Bible Land board game) and match the premise. This attraction scores high marks for sticking to its premise. We suggest you look out for the babies as you leave. We don’t want to spoil the surprise. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction eight out of ten stars.

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