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HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

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Each year, Sandusky Ohio creates the ultimate haunted theme park. HalloWeekends runs through October and on Saturdays and Sundays all the rides are running. Several indoor and outdoor areas are available.
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1 Cedar Point Drive
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The following areas of this attraction were reviewed in 2008: Undertaker U, Terror Island, The Fright Zone, CornStalkers, CarnEvil and Fear Faire. If you like amusement parks and Halloween, I would highly suggest going to Cedar Point. We suggest going on a Saturday. All the rides are open for your enjoyment during the day. In the evening all the haunted attractions are open. The open walk through ones (Fear Faire, CarnEvil and The Fright Zone) are interesting, fun to walk through and performers love scaring people. Undertaker U and CornStalkers and attractions where you need to go by groups through them. Undertaker U. is good for funeral home type scares. The performers are scary and authentic. CornStalkers is located within the Thunder Canyon water ride. For the rides and attractions and overall park decorations, we at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction eight stars out of 10.

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