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2014 - Fright Nights at the Farm - Haunted Hayride

As Lexington’s first and only haunted hayride, this tractor drawn terror will take you deep into the dark hills of Fright Nights farm. Sit back and relax as there is no walking or running or any type of energy exertion at all other than you screaming for your life and begging the monsters around the hayride for mercy and to allow you to pass with your life. The good ole days of the cute and cuddly hayrides you remember as a kid are gone. It’s time for you to grow up and graduate to Fright Nights Haunted Hayride and allow us to test your ability to sit still and take whatever we dish out at you!
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3898 Haley Road
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The attraction is easy to find. There is plenty of free parking. Prices are reasonable and we suggest getting a RIP pass to get through both quickly. The attraction is a 15 minute or so ride through the cornfield and several buildings. We suggest sitting in the middle of the ride as most building have animatronics that work best when in the middle and farther back. Actors are great and some get on the hayride while some just torment you from the side. There were several places when things got slow. There appeared to be several places where actors could hide, but none were there. The props were really good and animatronics were very well done. Based on the actors and props, we at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction a strong 7 out of 10.
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