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2014 - Fright Nights at the Farm - Zombie Paintball Hayride


Have you ever wanted to go to a haunted attraction and try to scare the crap out of the monsters? Well now you can! Zombie Paintball Hayride gives you the chance to give it back to the monsters by shooting them from head to toe and everywhere else in between with paintballs. The Zombie Paintball Hayride is a custom built hayride trailer with fixed mounted paintball guns on swivels at each seat for your zombie killing pleasure. We have been collecting zombies all year for you to come out and take a crack at shooting so come on out, take aim, and lets kill some zombies! Just remember though if it looks dead, shoot it in the head.

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3898 Haley Road
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The attraction is easy to find. There is plenty of free parking. Prices are reasonable and we suggest getting a RIP pass to get through both quickly. We also suggest paying the $5 to get a reload of paintballs. You will need them. The attraction takes about 15 minutes and is filled with several zombies, vehicles and buildings. The actors are very good and move around alot for getting hit with paintballs. Based on the actors, props and all the fun "shooting" zombies, we at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction an 8 out of 10.

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