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Arx Mortis

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That night as the others slept, he sat up reading the research. It concerned the bones of what the Germans thought was a child of Perdition. The bones had been found in the ruins of an ancient tomb in north Africa. They spoke of the tomb being sealed with the symbol of Arx Mortis, but they were certain the society had died off centuries ago. As he read, in walked a young girl. He looked up, startled. Her eyes were like pools of emerald and her skin was perfect porcelain. In her hand she held an ancient book inscribed in Hebrew with the words, “The Book of Nine”. She smiled, and with a wave of her hand Abram Covington felt his heart clench and his lungs spasm for air - but none was there. He fell to his knees, knocking the table and lantern over and the tent caught fire. He grabbed for his chest, his veins felt like liquid fire had been poured into them. He fell forward, griping the sand… his body convulsing.
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4051 Hwy. 72
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