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2014 Fright Nights at Jacobson Park - Entrapment

There are many fears known to us such as the fear of falling, the fear of snakes or the fear of heights. Everyone seems different in what they fear, however, there is one fear that we all have and Entrapment promises to exploit it among all who dare to venture into it’s depths. Some of you reading this right now may be saying “I’m not afraid of anything” and this terrifying haunted attraction was made just for you. Entrapment will challenge your senses as you creep along blindly into the dark corners of the unknown. There are creatures out there that are bigger than you have ever seen and they prey on your screams. Entrapment has no boundaries as the attacks will come from every direction. Now we don’t want to ruin the surprise and tell you what fear we will be seeking from you in Entrapment just yet. Just be sure to bring your friends along because we would hate for you to experience it …….alone……
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4001 Athens-Boonesboro Road
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The attraction is easy to find and there is plenty of free parking. Your time in the attraction is a little more than 15 minutes. There are several rooms and a nice animatronic toward the end. The actors do a good job and the props are good. It had recently rained and the ground was very muddy and slick. This did not keep the actors from giving a good experience. There are a few places you feel like you will not make it through. Based on the actors, props and overall uniqueness of the attraction, we at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction a strong 7 out of 10.
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