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2013 - The Creep - The Residence


The House at 241 Old Xenia Road is legendary… Over the years, many have come and gone, but they never leave the same; not since the incidents of 1936, which spared the life of one young boy, Sheldon Scriltch… 77 years later, Scriltch is still the caretaker of the property. The house has been cobbled back together over the last eight decades, with each new nail bringing life to an evil of a past resident. Is it all in his head, or do the spirits of the past actually haunt these walls?

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205 Elm Street
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This attraction is meant to portray a house whose history has rendered it haunted. The props are excellent and the actors portray their characters with enthusiasm. The person working the sewing machine could have been more engaged. The movement from room to room works well. This is one of the better attractions at the Creep. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction a 7 out of 10 for a good actors, great props and great portrayal of a haunted house.

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