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2013 - The Creep - FR3AK'D


Ron Cheez has rolled into town with his band of misfits and his family’s generations-old roadside attraction, FR3AD’K. Recently, his operation has been under scrutiny after several guests have been reported missing, and Mr. Cheez doesn’t appreciate all the detectives that have been snooping around the property recently. FR3AK’D is still open for business, so Ron Cheez wants YOU to come on down and see what his ‘funhouse’ is all about…

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205 Elm Street
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This attraction is a 3D Clown Carnival type attraction. The 3D aspect is very disorienting. This should be rethought to lessen the amount of 3D usage. The props are good and well placed. You are presented with a tunnel to enter at the beginning of the attraction. If for some reason, physical or other, you can enter the attraction through a door to the right of the tunnel. There is an actor there explaining how to traverse the tunnel and they can help you through the door to meet up with your group. There is a series of tent type walls that make up a maze. This became tedious and is overdone. The actors were good, but there were not enough in the attraction. We have not really seen a clown attraction done well since Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction a 6 out of 10 for poor 3D usage and tent maze mistake.

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