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2013 - Scream Acres Ct - Black Christmas


Scream Acres Ct is a large indoor warehouse type space transformed into 4 attractions – The Funhouse 3D, Castle Hill Funeral Home, Blackout and Buried Alive. This space was transformed for Black Christmas. The site is behind the Johnny’s Toys in Latonia. You park in the Johnny’s Toys parking lot and there is plenty of space. There is plenty of space to wait indoors to buy tickets or wait for the attractions. Be careful using GPS as it will take you down the wrong way on Boron. If you don’t see the attraction in less than a mile travelling on Boron, you need to turn around and go the other way.

The Funhouse in 3D – In the Backwoods of Latonia, KY lies an abandoned funhouse. During the 1940’s the funhouse was a popular attraction, until it unexpectedly closed. Come experience this 3D attraction.

Castle Hill Funeral Home – In 1940 Dr. Boron opened up Castle Hill Funeral Home in Latonia, KY. Three years later the funeral home was shut down and Dr. Boron was charged for the murder of 42 local residents. The bodies were found in the basement of the funeral home and had iconic “smile” cuts on their faces. This led to the murder case being dubbed as the “smiley murders”. On the night of the incident Dr. Boron was nowhere to be found. He’s still missing. The old funeral home has been boarded and locked up until now. . . come tour the smiley murder house.

Blackout – Afraid of the dark? Not to worry, this attraction isn’t dark, it’s pitch black. Navigate your way out of the haunted house in complete darkness. What’s worse, what lurks in the dark or your imagination.

Buried Alive – Do you have what it takes to climb into a real wood coffin and be buried alive? Come test your fears in this chilling attraction.

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4314 Boron Drive
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The outside of the attraction has been updated for Black Christmas. The lights are cool. The music is great, but some “scratchy” noises and slowing down of music could up the creepy factor.

The Funhouse in 3D –The Funhouse was truly that. The actors also do an excellent job of maintaining pacing throughout the attraction. We never ran into people ahead of us or had people behind us run up on us. The props were excellent and the actors maintained their characters and interacted well with visitors. The music was still heard in this attraction and actors played up the Christmas part.

Castle Hill Funeral Home – This is the first haunt attraction you go through. The props are excellent and the actors maintain their characters throughout this part of the attraction. The change of having a dining room table with the “nasty” Santa was a nice addition. The actors also do an excellent job of maintaining pacing throughout the attraction. We never ran into people ahead of us or had people behind us run up on us. Very creepy and sets the bar high for the next two you will go through.

Blackout –This attraction was very dark and creepy. The actors were excellent and maintained their characters. Here again they played up the Christmas part. The ability to keep a good pacing throughout this attraction was also maintained.

Buried Alive – This is a single user 3 minute experience. If the line is long, go through the haunts first. You can come back inside the building and this attraction afterward. This is quite the experience and you hear and feel travelling and being buried.

We at Haunted Reviewer rate this site as it is setup for Black Christmas a 7 out of 10. Reasons for this include not quite enough of a change from Halloween to Christmas and characters walking around outside of their areas. One change to increase the creepy, scary factor would be to have the Rabbit in a corner with a bunch of other large plush toys (maybe like a toy drive?) and have the Rabbit get up and chase people. Another change would be for Santa to grab the woman and say a creepy “Ho Ho Ho” as he grabs her and pulls her into the exit? instead of the Rabbit. With another year to think of how you might make Black Christmas different, I am sure the rating would increase.

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