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2013 - Land of Illusion


Land of Illusion is a facility with 4 houses and 1 trail. New this year is Zombie Sniper Hunt. There are several signs to help you find the facility. The facility has a large gravel parking lot and the cost to park is not expensive. The houses are called Voodoo Bayou Shanty, Killer Klowns,Temple of Terror and Dr. Psychos Sick Revenge. There is also a Long Walking Trail.

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8762 Thomas Rd
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Land of Illusion is a large facility of 4 “houses” and 1 trail. A new addition this year is Zombie Sniper Hunt. There is plenty of parking and the cost ($5) benefits nonprofits. You can buy a regular ticket or Fast Pass ticket. Both give you unlimited visits during the night, but the Fast Pass ticket allows you to bypass long lines. The Fast Pass can also be used when purchasing additional ticket for Zombie Sniper Hunt.

Voodoo Bayou Shanty – The actual building is nicely decorated. All the props are placed well and in abundance. The actors maintain their roles even when guests throw them a curveball answer. The actors portray themselves very closely to what is on the website. The primary negative is the use of chainsaws. This attraction would be much better without the use of chainsaws.

Killer Klowns – This attraction is starting to show its wear. Freshen up the attraction with a broken down Carnival Wagon. Creepy Carnival music sped up and slowed down. These are some things that could ratchet up the scare factor. Change the attraction to an older carnival feel. The actors try to maintain their roles. The props are old and need refreshed. Overall this attraction is one of the letdowns of the whole facility.

Temple of Terror – This is another attraction that has been at the facility for a long time and is showing its age. The scare factor could be increased by more mummy looking actors. Other actors dressed as archeological diggers would be better as well. Actors were in short supply during our visit. This was another letdown during our visit.

Dr. Pyscho’s Sick Revenge – This attraction is larger than when it first was started. The props look really good and actors know their roles well. The attraction has been updated. It has good scares and interactive scenes that are implemented very well. This was an original attraction that was updated and it shows.

The trail – This attraction is the largest one at the facility. There are several areas with different scenes and actors. The attraction has been updated. The props all look good and the actors all seem to know their roles well. One downside is the use of chainsaws. There may have been places where chainsaws make sense, but put them in a scene with someone apparently being attacked. Not someone trying to chase you around.

Zombie Sniper Hunt – This is a brand new attraction. It does cost an extra amount, but it is well worth the cost. The facility has several 7.5 ton Troop Transport Trucks. Each truck is equipped with fixed placement paintball guns. The guns have plenty of left – right and up – down movement. You have an “instructor” who helps you get your gun ready. The instructor also motivates the group and points out zombies. Yes, there are actual people being shot at. The attraction is run very well. It appears that you might have more zombies to shoot at if you sit on the left side of the truck. My only criticism is that the trucks need longer exhaust pipes. When the truck accelerates going up a hill, the exhaust fumes flowed into the truck bed and you are overwhelmed with exhaust smoke.

The facility is certainly an entertainment experience in and of itself. The fast pass is not much more and would be needed to make sure you can enjoy all the attractions. We at Haunted Reviewer rate this facility a 7 out of 10. Some attractions need reworked and this is why the rating is lower. A few changes in how some attractions operate look and function could easily make this an 8 or 9 on our scale.

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