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In the late 1800’s, Ostrander was a tiny village in Central Ohio surrounded by acres and acres of woods as far as the eye could see. A young family were hired by a wealthy group of villagers, intent on preserving the woods of Ostrander.

Saran, their youngest daughter had a fondness for the woods, and spent all of her playtime there until one day she didn’t return home.

Her father Malcolm and some of the villagers of Ostrander searched and searched, but after a day and a night, many of the villagers gave up. Malcolm continued to search for her and then some seven days later, he too, disappeared.

Saran and Malcolm were never heard from again and his wife and other daughter were thought to have moved away.

Now, walk in the very woods where Saran disappeared and see for yourself what happened to her on that fateful night.

No rubber monsters, no gore and no chainsaws. Just you and “it” alone in the woods.

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10000 Marysville Rd
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Not easy to find. Even using GPS, it tells you it is on the opposite side of the street. Dimly lit, small white sign is used to mark the entrance and that's it. Missed it the first time, so we had to turn around and try again. We suggest other signs, better lit entrance and maybe even “tune radio to” signs as you get closer with radio transmitter like real estate people use.

The Experience is an attraction with a great backstory as the premise. Not quite as good as past years. The company has successfully stuck to the premise of Saran and the woods, but the acting has changed. Not as many figures follow you in the woods like they used to, because many of them are fake now. The way the girls enter the final stop now is just silly in comparison to years past, since you can see them enter through a flap in front of you. Soundtracks played at the beginning and at the final stop had some shameless self-promotion, with Saran saying "The Experience" from time to time. All of that aside, we are still happy that there is an attraction out there that does not use chainsaws and rely on cheap thrills. The shadowy figures in the woods are scary enough! Based on an absolute adherence to the premise, great props, but changes that make the attraction a lesser version of previous years we at Haunted Reviewer rate this attraction a 8 out of 10.

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